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:: Germ cell-specific heat shock protein 70-2 is expressed in cervical carcinoma and is involved in the growth, migration, and invasion of cervical cells
:: Identification of Potential Serum Biomarkers of Glioblastoma: Serum Osteopontin Levels Correlate with Poor Prognosis
:: Clinical significance of phosphatidyl inositol synthase overexpression in oral cancer
:: Beyond HPV: oncomirs as new players in cervical cancer
Completed Cancer Grants
  Project Title Investigator/s Budget (Rs. In Lakhs) Date of Sanction Duration - years
1. Cytokine gene polymorphism in HPV associated cervical cancer. Dr. R. C. Sobti
Punjab University, Chandigarh.
33.69 20.01.2005 5
2. HSP 90 in the regulation of Apoptosis in tumor cells: Physiologically relevant examples of antitumor therapics. Dr. A. S. Sreedhar
CCMB, Hyderabad.
18.15 27.01.2005 3
3. Human papilloma viruses and prognosis of cervical neoplasia. Dr. Priya Abraham
CMC, Vellore.
19.85 09.02.2005 3
4. Evaluation of the oncogenic potential of signal transduction domains of the Hepatitis-B virus X protein in a transgenic environment. Dr. Vijay Kumar
ICGEB, New Delhi.
48.972 28.02.2005 3
5. Correlation between the expression of sex steroid receptor genes and tumor suppressor/inducer genes in human thyroid cancer tissues. Dr. M. Michael Aruldhas
University of Madras, Chennai.
45.97     09.03.2005 3
6. Characterization of Testis specific Sperm associated antigen 9 (SPAG9) gene expression and humoral immune response in various human cancers. Dr. Anil Suri
NII, New Delhi.
53.88 18.03.2005 3
7. Computer-Aided Design of Novel NSAIDS as Selective Cyclooxygenase-2 (COX-2) Inhibitors as anticancer agents: Pilot study for synthesis and preliminary activity for its anti-tumor potential. Dr. Madhu Chopra
BRA-CBR, Delhi.
30.46 23.03.2005 3
8. Design, Biotechnological production & in vivo evaluation of comptohecin analogues for improved antitumor activity. Dr. Shubhangi Khedkar
SIES-IIEM, Mumbai.
28.01 25.03.2005 3
9. Designing of Methylation target arrays for Breast Cancer. Dr. Ranju Ralhan
AIIMS, New Delhi.
22.16 25.03.2005 1
10. Gene therapy for head/neck cancer using combination therapy: Immuno-Cytokine therapy plus pro-drug activation therapy Dr. Rita Mulherkar
ACTREC, Navi Mumbai.
27.99 25.03.2005 2
11. Development of HPV candidate vaccine/s: preparation of clinical trial site/cohort for vaccine testing Dr. Neerja Bhatla
AIIMS, N. Delhi.
84.98 25.03.2005 3
12. Immune responses to an Onco-fetal Antigen, hCG: A Potential Anti-Cancer Immunotherapy. Dr. Om Singh
NII, New Delhi
29.89 31.03.2005 3
13. TLR expression profile in Langerhans and Dendritic Cells in invasive cervical cancer, cervical intraepithelial neoplasia and chronic cervicitis. Dr. R. S. Jayshree
KMIO, Bangalore.
28.53 29.08.2005 3
14. Assessment of the immune responses to HPV vaccine. A) T and B cell responses in mice immunized with HPV vaccine. B) In vitro lymphocyte responses to HPV vaccine in healthy women exhibiting presence of high titers of anti HPV antibodies. Dr. Shubhada V. Chiplunkar
ACTREC, Navi Mumbai.
65.37 31.10.2005 3
15. Suppression of oral cancer-specific p53 mutants by SiRNA. Dr. Uttam Pati
JNU, New Delhi.
38.31 01.12.2005 3
16. Delineation of Prognostic Biomarkers of progression of cervical cancer. Dr. Rita Mulherkar
ACTREC, Navi Mumbai.
43.44 02.12.2005 4
17. Targeting human lung cancer: A preclinical and mechanistic investigation towards understanding lung metastasis. Dr. Rajkumar Banerjee
IICT, Hyderabad
61.50   08.12.2005 3
18. Role of nuclear and mitochondrial genes in the aetiology of uterine leiomyomata (fibroids) Dr. Q. Hasan
VHRC, Hyderabad.
17.10 09.12.2005 3
19. Identification of Susceptibility Alleles for the Development of Head and Neck Cancer in Indian Population. Dr. Susanta Roychoudhury
IICB, Kolkata.
77.61 29.11.2005 3
20. Role of osteopontin, a chemokine like protein in regulation of vascular endothelial growth factor dependent tumor growth and angiogenesis in breast cancer. Dr. Gopal C. Kundu
NCCS, Pune.
32.50 28.12.2005 3
21. Altered Expression of tumor suppressor SMAR1 in breast cancer causes deregulation of cyclin D1. Dr. Samit Chattopadhyay
NCCS, Pune.  
67.89 04.01.2006 3
22. Small Interfering RNA-Mediated inhibition of sperm associated antigen 9 (SPAG9) expression in the human cancer cell lines in in vitro and in vivo. Dr. Anil Suri
NII, New Delhi.
17.13 08.03.2006 1.5
23. Role of gap junctions in the bystander effect in breast cancer cells. Dr. P. Gajalakshmi
AU-KBC Research Centre, Chennai.
13.27 28.03.2006 1.5
24. Identification of novel esophageal squamous cell carcinoma (ESCC) genes by using a combination of array based CGH and gene expression microarrays. Dr. Murali Dharan Bashyam
CDFD, Hyderabad.
73.26 28.03.2006 3
25. Chemotherapeutic role of pronyl-lysine against 1,2-dimethylhydrazine induced colon cancer in male albino Wistar rats. Dr. N. Nalini
Annamalai University (T.N)
26.66 28.03.2006 3
26. Studies on genetic susceptibility factors in oral cancer and precancer lesions with reference to metabolic and DNA repair genes. Dr. Manoj B Mahimkar
ACTREC, Navi Mumbai.
15.81 28.03.2006 2
27. Design, synthesis and biological evaluation of new hybrids based on Pyrrolo[2,1-c] [1,4] benzodiazepines. Dr. Ahmed Kamal
IICT, Hyderabad.
50.56 28.03.2006 3
28. Role of poly N-acetyl lactosamine substituted β1,6 branched N-oligosaccharides in facilitating organ specific metastasis of melanoma cells to the lungs. Dr. Rajiv D Kalraiya
ACTREC, Navi Mumbai.
31.92 28.03.2006 3
29. Study of the signaling cascades involved in the proliferation and differentiation of cancer stem cells in Glioblastoma. Dr. Ellora Sen
NBRC, Gurgaon.
41.57 28.03.2006 3
30. Establishment of molecular cytogenetics in combination with protein markers for accurate diagnosis and prognostic prediction of bone and soft tissue sarcomas. Dr. Pratibha S. Amare (Kadam)
TMC, Mumbai.
17.70 11.05.2006 3
31. Regulatory T cells: a potential marker of progression of cervical precancer? Dr. R. S. Jayshree
KMIO, Bangalore.
41.96 10.07.2006 3.8
32. A DNA repair gene-potential marker for Ovarian cancer. Dr. Nandan Bhattacharyya
HIT, West Bengal.
24.56 23.10.2006 4.6
33. Molecular monitoring of secondary mutations potentially involved in disease transformation of CML to CML-Blast Crisis. Dr. Soumen Chakraborty
ILSc, Bhubaneswar.
31.12 14.11.2006 3.5
34. Functional characterization of LXR-α transcriptome in psoriasis. Dr. Davinder Prasad
PGIMER, Chandigarh.
40.85   01.05.2007 3
35. Endothelial progenitor cells as biomarker of disease activity in multiple myeloma. Dr. Lalit Kumar
AIIMS, New Delhi.
18.81   21.05.2007 3
36. To study the molecular biology of Multiple myeloma. Dr. Lalit Kumar
IRCH-AIIMS, New Delhi.
35.09 21.05.2007 3
37. Combination of P53, EGFR status and tumor grading in determining the outcome of early stage epithelial ovarian cancers. Dr. Lalit Kumar
IRCH-AIIMS, New Delhi.
1.44 21.05.2007 1
38. Design of novel anticancer drugs and analysis of their therapeutic potential by in vitro and in vivo studies. Dr. Sartaj Tabassum
AMU, Aligarh.
55.47 06.06.2007 3
39. Screening for Human Papilloma Virus infection in the population from Eastern UP. Dr. J. K. Roy
BHU, Varanasi.
18.28 07.06.2007 4
40. Molecular mechanism of Intestinal Injury due to radiation and chemotherapy and its protection by antioxidants, in animal model. Dr. S. Mahmood
PGIMER, Chandigarh.
29.45 17.08.2007 2
41. Prospective identification and clinical significance of tumor progenitor cells in breast cancer. Dr. Jem Prabhakar
RCC, Thiruvananthapuram.
45.01 27.08.2007 3
42. Identification and Functional characterization of the novel variants of the tumor antigen SG2NA. Dr. Shyamal K Goswami
JNU, New Delhi.
38.15 14.09.2007 3
43. Evaluation of putative mechanisms of anticataractogenic effect of Acety1-L-Carnitine. Dr. P. Geraldine
Bharathidasan University, Tamilnadu.
49.61 21.09.2007 4
44. Immunotherapy of drugs refractory leukemias and lymphomas expressing hCG or subunits by a highly specific recombinant chimeric antibody against β-hCG linked to curcumin or other drugs. Dr. G. P. Talwar
TRF, New Delhi.
36.34 21.09.2007 2
45. An in vitro silencing of endogenous oxidized-LDL-receptor (LOX-1) gene by siRNA: Study of NF-kB activated expression of proinflammatory cytokines and related atherogenic proteins - its evaluation against anti-inflammatory cytokine mediated responses. Dr. N. C. Chandra
AIIMS, New Delhi
33.75 25.09.2007 4
46. Keratins mediated regulation of apoptosis in stratified epithelia and its role in acquisition of transformed phenotype. Dr. M. M. Vaidya
ACTREC, Navi Mumbai.
31.59 25.09.2007 3
47. Development and characterization of Autologous NKT Cell based Dendritic Cell Vaccine for Active Specific Immunotherapy of Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma. Dr. Satya N. Das
AIIMS, New Delhi.
20.06 25.09.2007 3
48. Study on the significance of Micro-RNA expression pattern in oral carcinoma. Dr. S. Kannan
RCC, Thiruvananthapuram.
15.62 11.12.2007 2
49. Molecular ecology, molecular genetics and natural history of anterior tongue cancer in young adults without (or insignificant) tobacco exposure: can a distinct clinical entity be defined? Dr. Paul Sebastian
RCC, Thrivananthapuram.
34.34 13.11.2007 3
50. Molecular Pathology of Cervical Carcinogenesis. Dr. Gopeshwar Narayan
BHU, Varanasi.
43.35 13.11.2007 4
51. Study on gene expression and Hypermethylation profiles in early onset breast cancer. Dr. Sunita Saxena
Safdarjung Hospital, New Delhi.
32.46 22.11.2007 3
52. Role of Transcription Factor STAT3 in Human Papillomavirus 16 (HPV16) - Induced Cervical Carcinogenesis. Dr. Alok C Bharti
ICPO, Noida
43.01 27.11.2007 3
53. Cancer testis antigens their importance in immunotherapy and in early detection of cancer: Associated Cancer Center for Immunotherapy. Dr. Anil Suri
NII, New Delhi.
62.47 21.01.2008 3
54. Development of Adenovirus Herpes simplex Thymidine Kinase/ Ganciclovir strategy for Head and Neck squamous cell carcinoma: Preclinical studies and large-scale preparation of clinical grade vector. Dr. Rita Mulherkar
ACTREC, Navi Mumbai.
42.52 13.03.2008 2
55. Evaluation of Prognostic Value of FDG-PET after two cycles of Chemotherapy in Pediatric and Adolescent High Grade Lymphomas.   Dr. Sameer Bakhshi
AIIMS, New Delhi.
21.10 13.03.2008 3
56. Host-virus interactions at the genetic and epigenetic levels in HPV related cervical cancer in Indian women.   Dr. Sharmila Sengupta
ISI, Kolkata.
31.51 19.03.2008 3
57. DNMT3L: epigenetic correlation with cancer. Dr. Sanjeev Khosla
CDFD, Hyderabad.
45.27 24.03.2008 3
58. Synthesis and in-vitro mechanistic studies of new metal-based anti-cancer agents. Dr. Farukh Arjmand
AMU, Aligarh.  
29.05 21.06.2008 1.5
59. To study the immune response of T cell dominant synthetic peptides derived from HPV 16, using different adjuvants in a mouse model of cervical cancer. Dr. Neeta Singh
AIIMS, New Delhi.
27.00 10.09.2008 3
60. A study of Mutational and Histopathological risk factors for Gallbladder Cancer in patients with Gallstones. Dr. Pramod Kumar Garg
AIIMS, New Delhi.
33.26 10.09.2008 3
61. Role of E-Cadherin /β-Catenin Complex in the progression of Gall Bladder Cancer. Prof. V. K. Kapoor
SGPGIMS, Lucknow.
58.32 16.09.2008 3
62. Determining the role of BLM helicase in DNA damage signal recognition and transduction due to double strand breaks in human. Dr. Sagar Sengupta
NII, New Delhi.
43.64 18.09.2008 3
63. Evaluation of circulating tumor DNA in serum of breast cancer patients. Dr. Vinod Raina
AIIMS, New Delhi.
20.96 15.10.2008 3
64. Tumor primordial cells in colorectal cancer: implications for surgical margins and minimal residual disease. Dr. S Asha Nair
RGCBT, Thiruvananthapuram.
35.14 15.10.2008 3
65. Role of STAT3 as downstream mediator of steroid and epidermal growth factor pathways in breast cancer. Dr. Lakshmi .S
RCC, Thiruvananthapuram
20.45 15.10.2008 3
66. Analysis of Immunological parameters in breast tumors in the context of age at diagnosis. Dr. Narendra N. Joshi
ACTREC, Navi Mumbai.
33.02 04.11.2008 3
67. Induction of anti-tumor immunity by VEGF (vascular endothelial growth factor) neutralization and CD40 activation. Dr. Bhaskar Saha
NCCS, Pune.
15.52 31.10.2008 1
68. A study to evaluate the role of curcumin in oral premalignant lesions and gingivo-buccal cancers Dr. Anil D' Cruz
TMH, Mumbai
72.42 30-12-2005 Closed by DSMB
69. Phase II/III randomized placebo controlled clinical trial of curcumin in respectable stage III and IV squamous head and neck cancers (oral cancers) Dr. Alok Thakar
AIIMS, New Delhi
87.61 05-12-2005 5+
70. Phase II trial of curcumin in advanced Head and Neck cancer treatment Dr. Sunil K. Saini
HIMS, Dehradun
20.04 06-01-2006 Completed
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