What is the objective of this database?


This portal is designed to integrate information pertaining to cancer researchers in India. This database contains information about scientists along with their educational and professional background, research areas, research achievements and grant support. In addition, contact information of each individual researcher is also provided. DBT will also utilize this portal to announce new research initiatives related to cancers and to list sanctioned grants.


How can a cancer patient benefit from this database?

The user can find an expert cancer researcher by using this database and consult him/her.

How can researchers benefit from this database?

Clinicians and Basic researchers can easily team up for research collaborations. It will also help industry to locate a basic researcher or clinicians for industry-academia collaborations. This database will provide a platform for Indian researchers to showcase cancer research in India at an international level.
India Cancer Research Database has been developed by the Institute of Bioinformatics with funding from the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India.