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Suresh T. Hedau, Ph.D.
Scientist B  
Institute of Cytology and Preventive Oncology
I-7, sector-39
Noida - 201 301   
Uttar Pradesh   
Phone: +91-120-2575838
Fax: +91-11-2579473
Positions Held:
Position Affiliation Time Period
Research Officer Institute of Cytology and Preventive Oncology, Noida, India 2005-Present
Area of Specialization:
Molecular Oncology
Research Summary:
Molecular biology and epidemiology of cervical cancer
Gene expression and transcriptional regulation of human papillomavirus
Gene expression and transcription in breast and esophageal cancer


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M.Sc. Nagpur University
Ph.D. Jamia Millia University, New Delhi, India
Indian Association of Cancer Research
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