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Arnab Pal, M.D., Ph.D.
Assistant Professor 
Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education & Research, Punjab University, Chandigarh, India
Department of Biochemistry
Research Block A, 3rd Floor
Chandigarh - 160 012   
Phone: +91-172-2755177
Mobile: 91-8872016174
Positions Held:
Position Affiliation Time Period
Senior Demonstrator Advanced Centre for Treatment Research and Education in Cancer 2005-2008
1.Roy, J., Mitra, J. K. and Pal, A.  Magnesium sulphate versus phenytoin in eclampsia - Maternal and foetal outcome - A comparative study. The Australasian Medical Journal. 2013.  6, 483-495. [PubMed]
2.Pal, A. and Sabhapandit, S.  Work fluctuations for a Brownian particle in a harmonic trap with fluctuating locations. Physical Review. E, Statistical, Nonlinear, and Soft Matter Physics. 2013.  87, 022138. [PubMed]
3.Mehndiratta, M., Palanichamy, J. K., Pal, A., Bhagat, M., Singh, A., Sinha, S. and Chattopadhyay, P.  CpG hypermethylation of the C-myc promoter by dsRNA results in growth suppression. Molecular Pharmaceutics. 2011.  8, 2302-2309. [PubMed]
4.Pal, A., Berube, M. and Hall, D. G.  Design, synthesis, and screening of a library of peptidyl bis(boroxoles) as oligosaccharide receptors in water: identification of a receptor for the tumor marker TF-antigen disaccharide. Angewandte Chemie. 2010.  49, 1492-1495. [PubMed]
5.Pal, A., Srivastava, T., Sharma, M. K., Mehndiratta, M., Das, P., Sinha, S. and Chattopadhyay, P.  Aberrant methylation and associated transcriptional mobilization of Alu elements contributes to genomic instability in hypoxia. Journal of Cellular and Molecular Medicine. 2010.  14, 2646-2654. [PubMed]
6.Mehndiratta, M., Palanichamy, J. K., Ramalingam, P., Pal, A., Das, P., Sinha, S. and Chattopadhyay, P.  Fluorescence acquisition during hybridization phase in quantitative real-time PCR improves specificity and signal-to-noise ratio. BioTechniques. 2008.  45, 625-6. [PubMed]
Grant Support:
Project Title Role Funding Agency Sanction Number Sanction Date
Evaluation of Cripto1 as a Tumor Marker in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma Department of Biotechnology, Government of India
Cripto 1: Evaluation as a potential tumor marker in Oral Squamous Cell Carcinoma
Clinico-Pathological Correlation of Cripto 1 Expression and Circulatory Tumor Cells in Patients of Nasopharyngeal Carcinoma Department of Biotechnology, Government of India


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Life member of Association of Clinical Biochemists of India
Member of Association of Medical Biochemists of India
Member of Indian Association of Cancer Research
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