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Shyamala Mani, M.S., Ph.D.
Associate Professor 
Indian Institute of Science
Centre for Neuroscience
Room No. 106, Old TIFR building
Bangalore - 560 012   
Phone: +91-80-22933431
Fax: +91-80-23603323
Positions Held:
Position Affiliation Time Period
Associate Professor Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, India Present
Assistant Professor National Brain Research Centre, Gurgaon, India 2000
Post Doctoral Fellowship Princeton University, New Jersey, USA
Area of Specialization:
Research Summary:
To delineate the role of neural basic-helix-loop-helix family of transcription factors in neuronal subtype determination in human and mouse ES cells
To characterize how extrinsic factors influence centrosome orientation in proliferating GCPs
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2. Srivastava, R., Kumar, M., Peineau, S., Csaba, Z., Mani, S., Gressens, P. and El, G.  Conditional induction of Math1 specifies embryonic stem cells to cerebellar granule neuron lineage and promotes differentiation into mature granule neurons. Stem Cells. 2013.  31, 652-665. [PubMed]
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M.S. in Clinical Psychology, Marquette University, Wisconsin, USA
Ph.D. in Neuroscience, Upstate Medical University, New York, USA
Honors and Awards
2010, Knight of the Order of Academic Palms, French Government
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