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Shyama Prasad Sajankila,
Assistant Professor 
Department of Biotechnology
NMAM Institute of Technology, Nitte, 6th Floor, University Enclave, Medical Sciences Complex, Deralakatte
Mangalore - 576 104   
Positions Held:
Position Affiliation Time Period
Assistant Professor Manipal Life Sciences Centre, Manipal University, Manipal, India
Post Doctoral Fellow Philadelphia and Lombardi Comprehensive Cancer Center, Georgetown University, Washington DC, USA
Area of Specialization:
1. Sajankila, S. P., Manthena, P. V., Adhikari, S., Choudhury, S., Izumi, K. and Roy, R.  Suppression of tumor suppressor Tsc2 and DNA repair glycosylase Nth1 during spontaneous liver tumorigenesis in Long-Evans Cinnamon rats. Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry. 2010.  338, 233-239. [PubMed]
2. Adhikari, S., Choudhury, S., Mitra, P. S., Dubash, J. J., Sajankila, S. P. and Roy, R.  Targeting base excision repair for chemosensitization. Anti-cancer Agents in Medicinal Chemistry. 2008.  8, 351-357. [PubMed]
3. Chakrabarti, A., Aruva, M. R., Sajankila, S. P., Thakur, M. L. and Wickstrom, E.  Synthesis of novel peptide nucleic acid-peptide chimera for non-invasive imaging of cancer. Nucleosides, Nucleotides & Nucleic Acids. 2005.  24, 409-414. [PubMed]
4. Prasad, S., Naik, P. and Vijayalaxmi, K. K.  Efficiency of Coleus aromaticus extract in modifying cyclophosphamide and mitomycin-C induced clastogenicity in mouse bone marrow cells. Indian Journal of Experimental Biology. 2002.  40, 1020-1025. [PubMed]
5. Sajankila, S.P., Izumi, K. and Roy, R. Regulation of endonuclease III expression during spontaneous hepatocarcinogenesis in Long-Evans Cinnamon rats. Molecular and cellular Biochemistry.
6. Thakur, M.L., Aruva, M.R., Gariepy, J., Acton, P., Rattan, S., Sajankila, S.P., Wickstrom, E. and Alavi, A. PET imageing of oncogene overexpression using Cu-64-VIP analog: Comparision with Tc-99m-VIP analog. The Journal of Nuclear Medicine. 2004. 45, 8, 1381-1389.


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