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Sandip K. Mishra, Ph.D.
Scientist D 
Institute of Life Sciences
Nalco Square
Bhubaneswar - 751 023   
Phone: +91-674-2300702, +91-674-2300137, 2301476, Extn: 234
Fax: +91-674-2300728
Positions Held:
Position Affiliation Time Period
Scientist D Institute of Life Sciences, Bhubaneswar, India 2007-Present
Instructor Department of Neurosurgery,University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, USA 2004-2007
Reader Institute of Life Sciences, Bhubaneswar, India 2004
Post Doctoral Fellow Dept. Molecular and Cellular Oncology, University of Texas, MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, USA 2000-2004
Project Associate National Institute of Immunology, New Delhi, India 1998-1999
Area of Specialization:
Molecular Oncology
Research Summary:
Chromatin remodeling in breast cancer
1. Mishra, S. K., Mandal, M., Mazumdar, A. and Kumar, R.  Dynamic chromatin remodeling on the HER2 promoter in human breast cancer cells. FEBS Letters. 2001.  507, 88-94. [PubMed]
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6. Li, F., Mandal, M., Mishra, S. K., Barnes, C. J. and Kumar, R.  Heregulin promotes expression and subcellular redistribution of ADP-ribosylation factor 3. FEBS Letters. 2002.  524, 49-53. [PubMed]
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9. Cheema, S. K., Mishra, S. K., Rangnekar, V. M., Tari, A. M., Kumar, R. and Lopez-Berestein, G.  Par-4 transcriptionally regulates Bcl-2 through a WT1-binding site on the bcl-2 promoter. The Journal of Biological Chemistry. 2003.  278, 19995-20005. [PubMed]
10. Barnes, C. J., Vadlamudi, R. K., Mishra, S. K., Jacobson, R. H., Li, F. and Kumar, R.  Functional inactivation of a transcriptional corepressor by a signaling kinase. Nature Structural Biology. 2003.  10, 622-628. [PubMed]
11. Mishra, S. K., Yang, Z., Mazumdar, A., Talukder, A. H., Larose, L. and Kumar, R.  Metastatic tumor antigen 1 short form (MTA1s) associates with casein kinase I-gamma2, an estrogen-responsive kinase. Oncogene. 2004.  23, 4422-4429. [PubMed]
12. Mishra, S. K., Balasenthil, S., Nguyen, D. and Vadlamudi, R. K.  Cloning and functional characterization of PELP1/MNAR promoter. Gene. 2004.  330, 115-122. [PubMed]
13. Mishra, S. K., Talukder, A. H., Gururaj, A. E., Yang, Z., Singh, R. R., Mahoney, M. G., Franci, C., Vadlamudi, R. K. and Kumar, R.  Upstream determinants of estrogen receptor-alpha regulation of metastatic tumor antigen 3 pathway. The Journal of Biological Chemistry. 2004.  279, 32709-32715. [PubMed]
14. Talukder, A. H., Gururaj, A., Mishra, S. K., Vadlamudi, R. K. and Kumar, R.  Metastasis-associated protein 1 interacts with NRIF3, an estrogen-inducible nuclear receptor coregulator. Molecular and Cellular Biology. 2004.  24, 6581-6591. [PubMed]
15. Nair, S. S., Mishra, S. K., Yang, Z., Balasenthil, S., Kumar, R. and Vadlamudi, R. K.  Potential role of a novel transcriptional coactivator PELP1 in histone H1 displacement in cancer cells. Cancer Research. 2004.  64, 6416-6423. [PubMed]
16. Amano, T., Nakamizo, A., Mishra, S. K., Gumin, J., Shinojima, N., Sawaya, R. and Lang, F. F.  Simultaneous phosphorylation of p53 at serine 15 and 20 induces apoptosis in human glioma cells by increasing expression of pro-apoptotic genes. Journal of Neuro-oncology. 2009.  92, 357-371. [PubMed]
17. Sar, P., Peter, R., Rath, B., Das, M. and Mishra, S. K.  3, 3'5 Triiodo L thyronine induces apoptosis in human breast cancer MCF-7 cells, repressing SMP30 expression through negative thyroid response elements. PloS One. 2011.  6, e20861. [PubMed]
18. Sar, P., Bhargava, D. K., Sengupta, D., Rath, B., Chaudhary, S., and Mishra, S. K. In Human Breast Cancer Cells TRβ Competes with ERα for Altering Bcl2/Bax ratio through SMP30-Mediated P53 Induction. Journal of Cancer Science & Therapy. 2012. In press.
19. Chaudhary, S., Panda, A. K.,Mishra, D. K. and Mishra, S. K. Association of +331G/A PgR polymorphism with susceptibility to female reproductive cancer: Evidence from a meta-analysis. PloS One. 2013. In press.
20. Mishra, S. K., Sengupta, D., Sar, P. and Bhargava, D. Molecular Basis of Aging and Breast Cancer. Journal of Cancer Science & Therapy. 2013. In press. Invited review.
21. Mishra, S. K., Kumari, K. and Bhargava, D. A Review on EZH2 and its Epigenetic Association with Breast Cancer. Journal of Cancer Research Updates. 2013. In press. Invited review.


Honors and Awards
2003, Amgen award in Basic Science Research at UT MD Anderson Cancer Center, Houston, Texas.
Associate Editor - World Journal of Cancer Research (American Scientific Publishers)
Editor - Journal of Cancer Science and Therapy
  Last modified on : Jul 7, 2013
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