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M. Radhakrishna Pillai, Ph.D., F.R.C.Path
Rajiv Gandhi Centre for Biotechnology
Thycaud, Poojappura
Thiruvananthapuram - 695 014   
Phone: +91-471-2347973
Area of Specialization:
Research Summary:
Identification of cellular and molecular pathways that predict the progression of oral dysplasia to invasive cancer
Molecular ecology, molecular genetics and natural history of anterior tongue cancer in young adults without (or insignificant) tobacco exposure: can a distinct clinical entity be defined?
Engineering tumor stem cells for screening natural anticancer agents, chemosensitizers and chemopreventives
Tumor stem cells and malignant transformation of oral leukoplakia
Tumor stem cell profiles in breast cancer
Targeted anti-cancer lead discovery: virtual screening of chemical libraries enriched in natural products and in silico screening of chemical and natural small molecule databases against HPV
Functional characterization of novel proteins (the never born proteins) from non coding genomic sequences of bacteria and yeast
Disease perturbed networks in cancer
Clinical and biological significance of micro-RNA profiles in the molecular taxonomy of etiologically diverse oral carcinomas
Computational biology for design of optimum vaccine candidates and development of quantum dot based diagnostics for classical swine fever virus
Clinical and patho-biological effects of curcumin on oral leukoplakia: a double blind placebo controlled randomized trial
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Grant Support:
Project Title Role Funding Agency Sanction Number Sanction Date
Development of human papillomavirus vaccine prototype/s – Molecular epidemiology of HPV types prevalent in India and identification of HPV-16 L1 & E6 variants Department of Biotechnology, Government of India
Clinical and patho-biological effects of curcumin on oral leukoplakia: A double blind placebo controlled randomized trial Department of Biotechnology, Government of India
Virtual Screening (Vs) and laboratory validation of antihuman papillomavirus compounds Department of Biotechnology, Government of India
Targeted anti-cancer lead discovery: Virtual screening of chemical libraries enriched in natural products Department of Information Technology, Government of India
Prospective identification and clinical significance of tumor progenitor cells in breast cancer. Department of Biotechnology, Government of India
Molecular ecology, molecular genetics and natural history of anterior tongue cancer in young adults without (or insignificant) tobacco exposure: can a distinct clinical entity be defined? Department of Biotechnology, Government of India
Development of novel sensitizers based on NIR dyes Department of Science & Technology, Government of India


Honors and Awards
2003, National Bioscience Career Award, Department of Biotechnology,Government of India..
2000, Recipient of the Indian Council of Medical Research Sandoz Oration Award for Outstanding Cancer Research in the field of human papillomavirus research..
1991, Recipient of the Indian Council of Medical Research Raja Ravi Sher Singh Award for outstanding Cancer Research by a young scientist in recognition for PhD work on
Fellow, Indian Academy of Sciences, Bangalore.
Fellow, National Academy of Sciences, Allahabad.
Govt. of India - Department of Biotechnology Task Force in Chronic Disease Biology.
Governing Body - Translational Health Sciences & Technology Institute, (Govt. of India - Department of Biotechnology)
Governing Body - National Institute of Biomedical Genomics (Government of India), Kolkatta.
Research Council, National Institute of Interdisciplinary Sciences & Technology (CSIR-RRL), Thiruvananthapuram.
Academic Committee and Technology Development Committee Sree Chitra Thirunal Institute of Medical Sciences & Technology, (Govt. of India), Thiruvananthapuram.
Scientific Advisory Committee, National Centre for Cell Sciences (Govt. of India), Pune
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