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Vineet Talwar, D.M., D.N.B.
Senior Consultant 
Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Centre
Department of Medical Oncology
Sector 5, Rohini
New Delhi - 110 085   
Area of Specialization:
Medicine Oncology
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D.M. in Medical Oncology
Honors and Awards
Fellow of International Medical science academy
2003, Pawan Kumari Jain Oration award A.P.I Delhi
2008, Dr. Bansal Oration Award I.A.C.M Hydrabad
2008-09, Peer reviewer-Journal of Indian Academy of Clinical Medicine for Oncology
National academy of Medical science
American society of clinical Oncology
European Society of Medical Oncology
Indian society of Oncology
Indian co-operative Oncology Network
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