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Vivek Kaushal, M.D., D.N.B.
Professor and Head 
Regional Cancer Centre
Deaprtment of Radiotherapy
Post Graduate Institute of Medical Sciences
Rohtak - 124 001   
Phone: +91-1262-211300 Ext: 2246, +91-1262-212667
Mobile: +91-98960-55906
Area of Specialization:
1. Kaushal, J., Gupta, M. C., Kaushal, V., Bhutani, G., Dhankar, R., Atri, R. and Verma, S.  Clinical evaluation of two antiemetic combinations palonosetron dexamethasone versus ondansetron dexamethasone in chemotherapy of head and neck cancer. Singapore Medical Journal. 2010.  51, 871-875. [PubMed]
2. Rattan, K. N., Kadian, Y. S., Nair, V. J., Kaushal, V., Duhan, N. and Aggarwal, S.  Primary retroperitoneal teratomas in children: a single institution experience. African Journal of Paediatric Surgery : AJPS. 2010.  7, 5-8. [PubMed]
3. Nair, V., Rattan, K. N., Kaushal, V., Atri, R., Dhankar, R., Kaur, P. and Kadian, J.  Non-familial paediatric colorectal cancers--an 18 years' experience. Tropical Gastroenterology. 2009.  30, 51-53. [PubMed]
4. Nair, V. J., Kaushal, V. and Atri, R.  Pure squamous cell carcinoma of the breast presenting as a pyogenic abscess: a case report. Clinical Breast Cancer. 2007.  7, 713-715. [PubMed]
5. Rattan, K. N., Ratan, S. K., Parihar, D., Kaushal, V. and Yadav, S. P.  Giant neonatal cervical teratoma associated with facial clefts--a rare association. The Journal of Otolaryngology. 2007.  36, E19-20. [PubMed]
6. Suhag, V., Kaushal, V., Yadav, R. and Das, B. P.  Comparison of simulator-CT versus simulator fluoroscopy versus surface marking based radiation treatment planning: a prospective study by three-dimensional evaluation. Radiotherapy and Oncology. 2006.  78, 84-90. [PubMed]
7. Magu, S., Mathur, S. K., Gulati, S. P., Yadav, A. and Kaushal, V.  Giant cell reparative granuloma of the base of the skull presenting as a parapharyngeal mass. Neurology India. 2003.  51, 260-262. [PubMed]
8. Rattan, K. N., Malik, V. and Kaushal, V.  Advanced sigmoid carcinoma colon. Indian Journal of Pediatrics. 2002.  69, 911-912. [PubMed]
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11. Rattan, K. N., Malik, V., Khurana, P., Dhawan, S., Kaushal, V. and Maggu, S.  Teratomas in infancy and childhood. Indian Journal of Pediatrics. 2001.  68, 117-120. [PubMed]
12. Goel, A., Kaushal, V., Hooda, H. S. and Das, B. P.  Comparison of two radiation dose schedules in post mastectomy carcinoma of the breast. Indian Journal of Medical Sciences. 2000.  54, 278-283. [PubMed]
13. Rakshak, M., Kaushal, V. and Das, B. P.  Comparative role of three-dimensional radiotherapy planning and inhomogeneity corrections in carcinoma of the tongue. Australasian Radiology. 1997.  41, 143-147. [PubMed]
14. Magu, S., Kaushal, V., Mishra, D. S. and Airon, R. K.  Multiple primary cancer in one patient. Journal of the Indian Medical Association. 1995.  93, 404. [PubMed]


M.D. in Radiotherapy
Honors and Awards
Commonwealth scholarship for cancer research in the United Kingdom
Visiting fellow in Cookridge Hospital Leeds and Christie Hospital, Manchester
Editorial board of the Journal of Cancer Research and Therapeutics.
Founder editor-in-chief of the Journal Radiation Oncology
Type of Neoplasms
Head and Neck
Oral cavity
Pulmonary system
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