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Nalini Gupta, M.D., D.N.B.
Assistant Professor 
Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education & Research
Department of Cytology & Gynecological Pathology
Chandigarh - 160 012   
Phone: +91-172-2755114
Mobile: +91-9914208114
Area of Specialization:
Gynecologic Pathology
Research Summary:
Study of nucleolar organiser regions in lesions of gallbladder and thyroid
Study of expression of fibronectin in cases of hepatocellular carcinoma
Study of expression of c-erbB2 in cases of osteogenic sarcoma and its correlation with survival
Role of p53 and CD10 immunochemistry in differentiating hepatocellular carcinoma and metastatic carcinoma of the liver
Study of prognostic factors in endometrial carcinoma
Study of human papilloma virus and epstein-barr virus detection in cervical metastases from primary in head and neck region by fine needle aspiration cytology and polymerase chain reaction
Detection of human papilloma virus in cases of oesophageal carcinoma by polymerase chain reaction
Study of immunochemistry of estrogen and progesterone receptor, HER2 and prostate specific antigen in primary breast carcinoma cases
TB- PCR in cases of granulomatous thyroiditis
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D.N.B. in Pathology
Indian Association of Pathologists and Microbiologists
Indian Academy of Cytologists, India
National Academy of Medical Sciences, India
ditorial board of Asian Journal of Medical Sciences
Reviewer- Diagnostic Cytopathology, Cytopathology, Journal of the Pancreas, Indian Journal of Pathology and Microbiology, Journal of Cytology
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