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Raje Nijhawan, M.D.
Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education & Research
Department of Cytology and Gynaecological Pathology
Chandigarh - 160 012   
Phone: +91-172-2747585, Extn. 5118
Fax: +91-172-2747585
Positions Held:
Position Affiliation Time Period
Professor 2005-Present
Additional Professor 1998-2005
Associate Professor 1994-1998
Assistant Professor 1988-1994
Area of Specialization:
Research Summary:
Cytology of proliferative breast disease
Morphometry and flow cytometry in breast carcinoma
Apoptosis and BCl-2 in breast carcinoma
DPAS staining in breast carcinoma
Oestrogen receptor and Ki67 in breast carcinoma
Volume percentage stroma in atypical endometrial hyperplasia


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M.D. in Pathology, Guru Nanak Dev University
Honors and Awards
Distinction in Certification in Immunology
Ernest Fernandes Prize of IAC
Cipla Award
Indian Academy of Cytologists
Indian Association of Cancer Research
Type of Neoplasms
Female, Male
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